Seeking Fundraising Success? Be more attractive….

A recent study claims that Men donate more to online fundraising pages where the fundraiser is an attractive female, and donate competitively with others”. If like me, you find the idea that men might donate competitively to be hardly revolutionary – i.e. you’ve attended a fundraising auction too – you might wonder what can be gained from this research.

There are some helpful hints for professional fundraiser there, again, perhaps nothing you don’t already know.  If you’re community fundraiser, encourage your challenge event participants to use good photos of themselves smiling. Encourage people to seek donations from those who are likely to give more early on, nudge nudge.  Whether this is actually competitiveness at play, or ‘anchoring’ in effect, I don’t know.

I’m obviously highly sceptical about the merits of solely recruiting attractive people to your team, (I’m looking at you, certain former face to face recruiters in my area) but I would encourage all fundraisers to remember the importance of a genuine smile.